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Seele games is a french company specialized in iPhone and AppleWatch games. We make high quality innovating games, created with passion and generosity that fully explore devices they’re developped for.

Seele Games members share the same vision : unique games that make the best use of hardware features, with fair monetization and long-term updates.

Our Games

They love our games !

"Galaxy Mix from Seele Games is most definitely one of those well-intentioned homages." Read more

"The game that turns your Apple Watch into a safe you can crack is a hidden gem. Dial hard." Read More

"[The Knight Watch]  is a refreshing modern twist on the most familiar game of them all." Read More

"Pocket Bandit is the exact type of quick in-and-out game that we love to see on Apple Watch. Read More  

"This is excellent. Especially because The Knight Watch follows a remarkable progression, adding difficulty difficulty as well as new pieces, which pushes us to that pushes us to go through the 100 levels of the game very quickly. The title, [...] finally offers a nice replay value since we come back to it with pleasure to try to make the perfect move." Read more

"Pocket Bandit is one of my favourite paid games for Apple Watch purely because of its excellent gameplay and the way it makes such good use of the watch’s taptic-engine and Digital Crown." Read More

"Galaxy Mix lets you combine stars and bomb pixel-art planets, out now on iOS and Apple Watch" Read more

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Galaxy Mix : New Game mode

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Galaxy Mix is Featured on the App Store !

This is us !

Céline Pêcheur

Co-founder, Game Artist

Dimitri Darsch

Co-founder, Game Designer

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