Good Reviews for Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is mentionned in Apple Watch top games!

MacWorld Top 15
« […]It’s not the most complex or expansive Apple Watch game at all, but it’s such a smart use of the device’s most distinctive feature […] It’s pretty lightweight overall, but feels really fresh and original. »
Adrew Hayward
MacWorld review

Tom’s Guide Top 11
« Who hasn’t dreamed of committing a high stakes jewel heist? Pocket Bandit fulfills that yen, offering up a game in which you break into safes for the sweet, sweet loot. The catch? You must crack the combination locks by turning the the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, and then figure out the number by the haptic feedback you feel — all before the cops show up to take you away. Each safe you crack nets a different treasure, and the game continues to add more as time goes on. It’s clever, if not particularly difficult, and, as a plus, requires no actual lawbreaking. »

Tom’s Guide review